Use Of Video Playlists For Online Marketing

One of the tough things that chiropractors have to face is overcoming initial resistance to the idea of chiropractic.  An even tougher challenge is conveying that the use of technology can be beneficial to someone who is in pain.

For example, a chiropractor in a major city may be facing a lot of competition.   In order to differentiate the practice, he/she may use technology like spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, IST tables, and adjustment technology like the Ultralign G2.  While the chiropractor truly may believe that the technology can help patients deal with chronic pain, the inability to convey that emotional message – while overcoming the other hesitation by prospective patients – can be crippling to one’s practice.

Here is a possible way to overcome some of those challenges:  the intelligent use of online video sharing.  While many chiropractors will want to feature themselves on video with great lighting, making sure that the employees of the practice are looking professional, and concerns about compliance and aesthetics, the real concern should be conveying to the patients the benefits of using technology or other specialties of the practice.  Here are some examples:

  • Show how quick an adjustment can be versus sitting in the exam room at the doctor’s office
  • Show that the patient has to do nothing but just listen to the chiropractor about relaxing on the table, when using an Ultralign (formerly ProAdjuster), relaxing on an IST table, relaxing when in the spinal decompression machine, not having to do anything during cold laser therapy, etc.
  • Testimonials from happy patients, especially those who are expressive on camera


What To Do With Such Videos

First, if you upload any such videos to a video-sharing site like YouTube then be sure to optimize the video for the keywords which are being searched for by your prospective patients.  Even if your entire “marketing” of the video is sharing the video(s) with your friends & family and any social media followers – which is just the tip of the iceberg for what your marketing should be (!!) – at least your video possibly can be found by prospective patients who use the search engines and YouTube as starting points for discovering a new chiropractor.

You want to be able to reach as many varied types of people who can benefit from your services.  Here is a small cross-section of the types of people your video(s) should influence to call you:


Again, this is just a small cross-sample of the types of people who can use your services.  You either have to market to each segment of the audience with niche-specific content or, if time and budget don’t permit it, you will have to produce one or two high-convincing videos in order to encourage this cross-section of society to call you or walk in to schedule an appointment.


What If You Don’t Have Lots Of Videos?

Great question!

If you don’t have lots of videos, but you truly are congruent that certain aspects of chiropractic and the associated technology can benefit a wide section of prospective patients then you can “borrow authority” from YouTube.  What this means is that you can find publicly-shared on YouTube videos which confirm your points and combine them with your video(s) to make a playlist which demonstrates the proof that your services can benefit patients.

What this means to you is that, while having lots of benefit-laden videos is always the best option, you can get away in the short-term with one or two videos; and you can surround your videos with others that confirm your points.  Much like you can add songs to a playlist on iTunes, you can mix-and-match videos to create a custom playlist which you then can share with the public.

In addition to adding these videos, you also can optimize the playlist settings for your desired keywords… not just the videos!  This means that when you share the playlist (with your video and others confirming your points) then you can include your office’s address, phone number, website, social media URL’s (links), and include a solid description about your practice after you discuss the reasons behind why you generated the playlist in the first place.

What Can I Do With These Playlists?

In addition to sharing them with friends, family and those on any of your social media properties you also can do the following:

  • Embed the playlist (like embedding a video) on your website’s appropriate pages
  • You can send back links to the playlist URL and treat it like marketing any other web pages for SEO
  • You can buy ads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Stumbleupon, Bing, Yahoo and other services targeting your local area; and you can send that traffic to the playlist
  • If you use online press release distribution services, some may permit the embedding of a playlist instead of just a single YouTube video.  Contact the release service before you pay for this extra “enhanced” feature in order to confirm that you can do this
  • Buy traffic (via Google) from within YouTube including having paid ads on top of (or next to) your competitors’ videos and videos about your particular geographic area if they permit ads to be placed on their videos
  • Much more


There is a significant amount of what can be done with these playlists, and you can re-use your one video over and over in several playlists as long as there is relevance to the topic.

If you need help with any of this then be sure to contact us.

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