Setting Up A Site For Advanced HTML Tags

One thing many chiropractors are missing from their online marketing is the ability to take advantage of the new HTML 5, Rich Text Markup, and Schema website codes.  These pieces of code are advanced snippets of code designed to enhance the website visitor experience while simultaneously making it easier for the search engine crawlers/spiders/robots to properly index the content on the site.

Since many chiropractic offices use “cookie cutter” websites, those designed by a website company targeting chiropractors, the websites often have good content but it is “duplicate” across other chiropractors in cities and towns across the USA.  The website companies add value by managing the hosting, ensuring website uptime and customizing the chiropractor’s logo, address, educational background and hours of operation; but that’s about it.  They rarely add the new website code designed for 2015 and beyond.

Here are some of the benefits that these advanced pieces of website language code can offer:

  • enhancing a website’s ability to be navigated easily on mobile tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices
  • better optimize the page where any pay-per-click traffic is being sent, thereby POTENTIALLY reducing the likelihood of surcharges per click
    • This lowers the overall advertising spend per-click and increases the ROI on a chiropractic office’s marketing budget
  • adding in notifications from the office’s social media pages
  • ability to add happy patient reviews AND mark them with a “star” rating which can be indexed by the search engines
  • enhanced video functionality when embedding a YouTube video
  • location information for GPS systems, including latitude and longitude
  • easy to index the office’s hours of operation
  • ability to target nearby towns that may not be easy to optimize for based on the office address
  • other features designed to help the practice can more visibility online

Hopefully you can begin to understand the benefits.  If you need an example of such a website, which serves as an adjunct (satellite) site for the office’s primary website, then here is an example targeting the city of Plano Texas.

More About Chiropractic Technology Videos

In the last blog post, you read about the use of testimonial videos.  Not only are they powerful, but in that post you learned some strategies about what to do with the videos once you have them recorded and uploaded to a service like YouTube.   Another secret to help chiropractic offices with their marketing to prospective new patients is to introduce them to chiropractic technology.

Many people, to this day, are scared about going to the chiropractor due to the fear of the “neck snap”.  Don’t let their fear hinder your ability to grow your business!

Show them, via video, new technology which accomplishes the same goals (to the patient) so that they are not scared to come visit you.  Here is one such example YouTube video from a chiropractor for Carrollton and Plano Texas:

If you need help with these types of videos – and what to do once you have recorded them – then be sure to contact us for specific chiropractic marketing help.

Testimonial Videos

One of the ways in which a chiropractor can boost exposure to prospective patients is to use videos.  If possible, record testimonials from happy clients or show people new ways to improve their overall health and/or reduce pain.  The reasons why you will want to use video – and then upload on a site like YouTube – include the following (and possibly more):

  • Embed inside e-mail newsletters
  • Place on your website
  • Can share on Facebook
  • Can share on Twitter
  • Can have the video rank # 1 within YouTube (or whatever video-sharing platform you choose)
  • Can have the video rank # 1 in the search engines for phrases like {CITY} chiropractor
  • Pin on Pinterest or share the thumbnail image on image-sharing sites
  • Embed inside blog posts
  • Create a QR code on your business card and have the link scanned go to your video (or channel)
  • Build a community of followers within a video platform (e.g. YouTube)
  • Many other methods
  • Pay for traffic within YouTube, Facebook, Google or other online ad platforms
  • Pay for traffic from 3rd party sites
  • Post the video link on forums related to your area of the country

Here is one such example from a chiropractor who serves the North Dallas and Plano area:

This is an example of a great testimonial video.  Contact us if you need help on what to do once you have a video like this recorded.